Levy Opt-Out

Opt-Out Overview

There are a number of levies at York that were established with the provision that students may opt-out of paying them. A levy is essentially a fee. The provision that students be able to opt-out of paying these levies was requested by the organizations themselves. This effectively gives students the ability to choose which, if any, of the organizations that would like to support.

To find out see which levy fees you are paying and which ones you are may opt-out of,  please visit the following website and under the ‘New Students’ category, select your Faculty/Program:  http://sfs.yorku.ca/fees/courses/index.php 

Depending on your Faculty, you may be able to opt out of the following levies:

1. Centre for Women and Trans People (CWTP) Room 322 Student Centre
2. Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) Room C449 Student Centre
3. Sexual Assault Survivors Support Line & Leadership (SASSL) Room B449 Student Centre
4. World University Service of Canada (WUSC) Centre For Refugee Studies – 8th Floor, York Research Tower

These groups, together with Student Community & Leadership Development (SCLD), have created the following process to help students exercise their right to opt-out and receive levy money back.

Refunds are be processed once during the school year. The period is two weeks following the drop deadline for the F term for each year. The Fall 2017-18 drop deadline is November 10th. Further details regarding course add/drop deadlines can be found here : http://www.registrar.yorku.ca/enrol/dates

To receive the levy refund, you must submit the following to each organization that you wish to opt out of:

  1.  Print out class schedule.
  2.  Photocopy of YU Card
  3. A completed opt out form available at the respective organization’s office (each office has its own opt-out form). Find SASSL’s Levy Opt Out Form in the ‘

    Procedure for Opting-Out of SASSL Levy’ section below, or stop by the office to pick-up a copy.

Student Community & Leadership Development (SCLD) will, on behalf of an organization, accept appeals or deal with any other discrepancies.

Procedure for Opting-Out of SASSL Levy:

At SASSL, levy refunds are given in cash only. Students are also asked to come to our office (B449 Student Centre) in order to pick them up.  We will not provide refunds by mail or by cheque. Levy Opt-out forms can be picked up at our office or found here:

2017-2018 Levy Opt-Out Form Word File 2017-2018-Levy-Opt-Out-Form-SASSL

2017-2018 Levy Opt-Out Form PDF File  2017-2018-Levy-Opt-Out-Form-SASSL PDF

We ask that you submit this form, and all other required documents to our office. Submissions will not be accepted via email. We would also ask you to confirm which department or program you are from so that we know whether or not you are eligible for a refund.