Anonymous Feedback Form

The purpose of SASSL’s anonymous feedback form is for you to tell us anything that you think we should know. We understand that especially if you have had issues with our service, it can be difficult to tell us directly. This is why we wanted to create an anonymous reporting option, so that we could improve our services with input from you. Your identity will not be known to us. All of your responses will be sent to which will be read by one of our coordinators. You are not required to put your name or email on the form and we will not track your IP address.

To access our anonymous online feedback form click this link:

Alternatively if you do not wish to be anonymous, you may contact us through our office phone (416 736 2100 ext. 40345), email us directly at, or stop by our office Mondays-Fridays between 10am and 5pm (B449 Student Centre, York University Keele Campus).