Volunteer at SASSL

How to Become a SASSL Volunteer:

If you want to be a part of this dynamic team, and have the time to commit 4 hours per week to SASSL, please fill out a volunteer application form. Volunteer application forms can either be picked-up at our office or printed off at your convenience. You can find a digital copy of the form at the bottom of this page. Once completed, please drop the application off at our office or email it directly to the Office & Training Coordinator Shenikqwa at: sassl.volunteertraining@gmail.com

If you volunteered for SASSL in a previous year, please email the Office & Training Coordinator and state that you would like to return. It is at SASSL’s discretion whether or not returning volunteers need to be re-trained.

Volunteer Applications for Fall 2019 are due by: October 11th 2019 @ 5pm

**Mandatory Volunteer Training Dates: Fri Oct 18th, Saturday Oct 19th, & Sun Oct 20th**

Find the application below:


What SASSL Volunteers Do:

In general, SASSL volunteers are responsible to their respective Coordinator. SASSL is primarily operated by a collective of 8 paid part-time staff Coordinators including the Office & Training Coordinator, Internal Outreach Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Publicity & Promotions Coordinator, Research Coordinator, Policy & Initiatives Coordinator, Finance Coordinator, and External Outreach Coordinator. Each volunteer will collaborate with their respective Coordinator in addition to community and campus clubs, organizations, departments, residences, throughout the year.


Working on the phone line is our top priority and our main service to the community. Here volunteers can gain valuable experience listening and offering support and giving referrals to callers on the line. All volunteers are fully trained to take calls through the mandatory training days.

The support line is a crucial service, but people cannot access it if they don’t know that SASSL exists. For this reason, while answering the phone is our primary service, much of your volunteer time will be spent participating in awareness-building activities such as creating events, tabling, postering, and participating in outreach and discussions.


Want to practice your public speaking skills? Be a part of the outreach team and help in educating our community about sexual assault and violence. All volunteers have the opportunity to participate in the outreach program, where we deliver educational workshops on sexual violence to high schools, organizations, and colleges in the community. We also hold tabling outreach throughout the year.


In conjunction with our support and referral service as well as our community outreach, we also give back to the community through our special events. Each year we host a variety of FREE events, such as comedy shows, movie nights, art shows, guest lectures, fundraising events, and most popularly, Wen-Do, a woman’s only self defense class. All volunteers are encouraged to help out with events, and even have the opportunity to come up with and organize their own event for SASSL.


Help get SASSL’s name out there to the campus and the surrounding community. Help with poster design, video editing, web design, social media, event photography and more! If you have a passion for art & design as well as educating others about sexual violence and where they can access services, we definitely want your help.

Volunteer Requirements:

1. Attend mandatory three-day training.

2. Commit to completing 3-4 hours of SASSL related tasks per week for the entire academic term.

3. Take home SASSL’s support cellphone at least one night per month (as specified).

Qualifications & Experience:

The applicant must have a strong understanding or willing to learn of feminist, anti-oppression, and anti-racist frameworks and inclusive practices. They must also have an interest in addressing sexual violence and gender-based violence issues on campus and within the larger context of society. Prior leadership, outreach experience, and/or presentation delivery is an asset, but not a requirement.

Consider applying if you:

1.Have great communication skills and/or enjoy delivering outreach workshops and presentations

2. Want to develop hands-on experience with organizing and planning events

3. Want to participate in community initiatives geared towards improving support services and increasing awareness of sexual violence

4. Have/want to build experience and knowledge in budgeting and/or accounting

5. Have experience or are interested in policy development and campus safety

6. Want to use your design flair to create promotional material and publicity campaigns

7. Believe in supporting survivors of sexual violence from a feminist, anti-oppressive, non-judgmental, and anti-racist framework

8. Are passionate about making a difference at York University and beyond…

How will you benefit?

1. Receive training in areas crucial to supporting survivors such as active listening, anti-oppression, anti-racism, and more!

2. Network with community members and groups on and off campus to develop your leadership capacities

3. Be a part of a dynamic and supportive organizations

4. Improve your teamwork and interpersonal skills

5. Learn about different resources and support services in the Greater Toronto Area

6. Support survivors, challenge rape culture, and end the silence surrounding sexual violence by further developing your critical analysis skills

7. Gain an understanding of how we can create safer spaces and healthier relationships with ourselves and others in our lives

8. SASSL is looking for enthusiastic folks with an understanding (or a willingness to learn!) about feminism and anti-oppression. Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and are committed to supporting survivors of sexual violence and eradicating sexual violence in our communities.


Further questions? Please email sassl.volunteertraining@gmail.com