Part of SASSL’s mission is to build awareness about issues of sexual assault and abuse in order to end the silence and the cycle of violence. SASSL works passionately to create a positive space, organizing various fun and educational activities both on and off campus.

Internal Outreach

SASSL was present at OTL (Orient The Leaders) training for frosh leaders where SASSL provided guidelines to frosh leaders and college councils on how they should deal with sexual assault and/or harassment if they should occur during the week. SASSL was present at Winter’s college-specific Frosh Boss training and SASSL gave presentations to Bethune, McLaughlin, and New College during frosh week. We would like to thank these colleges’ orientation chairs and councils for taking an interest in such a vital issue. We received a lot of positive feedback from students.

During the school year, SASSL’s Internal Outreach team was able to reach out at various campus events and residences, some of which included Don Training, Safety Awareness Day, Sociology Student Group Conference, as well as Pond, Vanier, and Bethune residence presentations. SASSL was also able to network with various student groups and administrations such as the York Federation of Students, TBLGAY, Centre for Human Rights, Student Community Leadership and Development, and various college councils.

If you would like to schedule a SASSL Outreach on the York U campus (Internal), whether in residence, at a conference, or event, please email:

Arshia Lakhani
Internal Outreach Coordinator


External Outreach

In the past, SASSL was able to plan and give presentations to a number of high schools in the Toronto District School Board, thanks to SASSL’s previous External Outreach Coordinator, Adanna Phillip, and her team of External Outreach volunteers.

We would like to thank the following schools/organizations for supporting the SASSL Outreach Program:

  • R.H. King Academy
  • Central Technical Collegiate Institute
  • Redwood Community Fair
  • West End Alternative Secondary School
  • BELOVED Conference
  • Humberside Collegiate Institute
  • Woodbridge College
  • (H.E.Y.Y) Hearing Every Youth through Youth

We hope to be able to continue such initiatives in the future should our resources increase.

Community Initiatives

SASSL demonstrates leadership and commitment to survivors and the community by providing support and raising awareness about sexual assault and gender based violence. SASSL is actively involved in the community and is represented on various committees including:

  • • Can I Kiss You? Planning Committee
  • • Community Safety Council (CSC)
  • • CSC Student Representatives Group
  • • Gender Based Violence Prevention Group
  • • Safety Campaign Working Group
  • • Safety Audit Standing Committee
  • • Safety Awareness Day Group
  • • Sexual Assault Initiatives Committee
  • • Women and Trans Safety Committee

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