Our Funding Model

In the 90s, York’s Sexual Harassment Education and Complaint Centre realized the critical need for emergency support on campus for survivors of sexual assault. SASSL was founded in 1995, with the help of York University administration. For our first few years, SASSL received monetary support from the Campus Safety for Women grant, the Work Study program, and the Graduate Assistant program.

In 1999, SASSL became recognized as an important presence on campus when York students voted for SASSL to receive a $2.10 tuition levy. The levy is distributed across a full course load of 30 credits; for example, $0.21 is donated to the operation of SASSL for every three-credit course. That means that most undergraduate students pay 7 cents per credit with some exceptions. For more information check our Levy Opt-Out page.

SASSL continues to receive the same levy amount that we acquired in 1999, but we are hoping to increase that amount in our 2016-2017 referendum campaign. SASSL also continues to receive support from the Campus Women and Trans Safety grant which goes towards the operation of Wen-Do Self-Defense courses for York community members, our open submission arts and poetry event for survivors (HeART), and many other events and resources.

With the way that our funding is set up, SASSL cannot accept any monetary donations at this time. We thank everyone who has sent us donation cheques over the years, but unfortunately we are unable to deposit them.

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